Citizen Journalism is Here to Stay

 Crowdsourcing news, aka “Citizen Journalism” has detractors. It often creates an unmanageable volume of content that must then be managed by professionals who prefer being on the ground using their hard earned skills to tell reliable stories from the beginning. Crowdsourcing news is here to stay and cannot be dismissed. But it’s just one of […]

Ukraine Breaking News

  Powerful images from a global audience reacting to events unfolding in Ukraine are now flowing into our system. From piles of burning debris to mounds of floral memorials, our photographers are on the scene in real time submitting authentic, credible content. News media around the world have discovered greater efficiency while offering readers unique […]

Everyone is a Publisher

 If your company has a website, blog, eNewsletter, Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc then the answer is yes. Everyone is a publisher today. From 130 web sites in 1993 to 1 billion web sites in 2013 and growing. Its amazing, how the web has changed the way of consuming information in two decades. Today 2.1 billion […]

An Olympic challenge

  For many of us, the handy camera phone is our photographic weapon of choice. Not only is it the fastest way to share what we see with our own eyes, it also offers a first-person perspective free from manipulation, or extreme editing. It’s no surprise to see that the first images coming from the […]