Introducing Scoopshot Film

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As video content gains traction on brands’ and publishers’ websites and social media channels, there has been increased demand for branded video content. Scoopshot Film connects its global community of filmmakers with brands and publishers looking for bespoke video content, for marketing and creative story telling purposes.

This new service makes it easier to creatives to work directly with clients, which is cheaper than going via an agency and results in a more streamlined and hassle-free process for all parties. Brands love the concept because it provides them with an alternative way to quickly source creative films and stories from filmmaking professionals around the world.

OmarJQasrawi - selfie - camera -8375-2321Scoopshooter: Omar J Qasrawi 

How it works

Scoopshot Film offers a straightforward process to source on-brand, creative, professional concepts and video content:

1. A brand posts a brief on the Scoopshot Film platform detailing the content it is after.
2. Scoopshot’s professional filmmakers rapidly respond directly to the brand with relevant ideas and stories.
3. The brand is in control: it chooses the best concept and Scoopshot produces it on behalf of the brand.
4. Within a few weeks, after selecting its preferred concept, the brand receives the film from Scoopshot for its storytelling purposes.


Scoopshooter: Jade Stone

How filmmakers can get involved

If you are a filmmaker you can sign up to join the Scoopshot Film community here. You will be asked to create an account and upload some examples of you work, which will be reviewed by our team. Once you’ve been accepted into our Film community you will be able to browse briefs from iconic brands and publications around the world and submit your pitches!

For brands and publishers, removing the traditional agency model and being able to source the content direct from a global pool of professional filmmakers has many advantages: in additional to the obvious benefit of cost reductions, the ability to work directly with the filmmakers ensures messages are correct and the brand has control over the creative process. If you work for a brand of a publisher and you’re looking for an alternative way to source creative video content, get in touch with our team who will get you set up and put you in contact with our network of filmmaking professionals.

Scoopshot Film has been launched in conjunction with and powered by our partner, Newzulu.