What is Scoopshot?

The Scoopshot app allows anyone with a smartphone to become a photographer, showcase their skills and offer their work for sale. Users can participate in tasks run by media companies and brands, as well as a set of daily contests to showcase their skills. To-date, Scoopshot has received nearly 600,000 app downloads globally.

Is the app free?

It’s free. Download it now! What are you waiting for? On a serious note, data transfer to upload photos and videos may result in additional wireless carrier fees and depending on your mobile plan, data fees may increase — contact your carrier for information.

Where can I get the free Scoopshot app?

Scoopshot is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Simply search for Scoopshot in your app store.

Why must I register?

Registration helps us verify your account (make sure you are real), and allows us to authenticate your information, so we can make sure you get paid for any photos or videos you sell. This information is only used for Scoopshot’s service and it is never transferred to third parties.