Can I request specific photos or videos?

Yes. You can easily and quickly create a task requesting the images you need from our Scoopshooters, to meet your exact requirements.

Tasks can be sent to Scoopshooters within a specific geographical area or globally. Whether you’re a brand, blogger or a news publisher, in addition to sourcing specific photos or videos, tasks are a great way to engage with your online and social media audiences.

How do I create a task?

You can create a task here using our self service model. However, if you’re not a DIY fan and you want someone to hold your hand get in touch with our super supportive sales team!

When creating a task bear a few things in mind. We ask our users to ahere to our community standards and we hope you’ll respect these, too. We understand photos and videos can be used to raise the awareness of important issues, but please avoid creating tasks to generate content that promotes or glorifies violence or hate speech, as this isn’t in the best interest of our community. We’re not prudish, but this is no place for pornography or nudity.

Can I find content from a city or location?

You can search for photos and videos by location. Scoopshot’s search tools allow you to search by location and keyword(s). It’s also possible to set up email alerts for keywords or locations, such as news content from London.

How do I ensure that Scoopshot images are authentic?

Every Scoopshot photo or video includes information recorded by the camera, such as time and location, along with information about the photographer. This information, along with a map displaying the photo location, is visible in the Scoopshot Store.

Are Scoopshot photos and videos classified or categorized?

Scoopshot’s content has been classified in accordance with the IPTC classification model. In addition, photos and videos include keywords and precise location information. All classification criteria can be used for searches.

Publishing rights

Who owns the rights to Scoopshot photos and videos?

When images are purchased, Scoopshot permanently retains rights for copyright transfer. Scoopshot then transfers publishing rights to the buyer in accordance with licensing terms. If you have purchased photos from one of your tasks, you own the exclusive rights for these images.

Are Scoopshot photographers compensated?

Earnings for purchased images are deposited into personal Scoopshot accounts. Scoopshooters can then cash out their earnings to bank accounts or electronic payment providers such as PayPal.

Scoopshot Store registration

What does Scoopshot cost? Can I test the service for free?

You can begin with a 48-hour Scoopshot trial. During this period, you can browse Scoopshot’s image stream and test system features. Sign up here!

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