How do I submit photos or videos to Scoopshot?

There are a few ways to get involved. You can submit photos and videos to daily contests or tasks. For instructions on how to submit your work, see the daily contest and task FAQ sections.

Alternatively, if you have photos or videos that you would like submit, but they don’t match any of the current contest or task criteria, you can submit them by selecting the capture button on the bottom of the home screen. This opens your camera where you have the option to capture a photo or video or upload one from your phone. Follow the on-screen instructions and include a description of your photo along with relevant hashtags to help it be found and purchased in the Scoopshot store.

All contest, task and general submissions are for sale in the Scoopshot store. However, please note that you will not receive votes on general photos submitted outside of contests and tasks.

Does it cost anything to submit photos and videos?

No, submitting photos and videos is free. However, note that data transfer fees may apply, depending on your mobile plan. Please contact your wireless carrier about data costs.

Can I submit photos and videos from my computer or from the web?

You can send photos or videos as long as you own all rights. Bear in mind, your smartphone camera adds important details, e.g., time and location, to the photo or video. In many cases it is difficult or impossible to properly authenticate the source of photos or videos from a computer or the web.

Can I send photos or videos taken with other camera apps besides Scoopshot?

Yes. You can send photos and videos from your device’s camera roll. This includes photos and videos taken with other camera apps. However, we recommend that you capture images within the Scoopshot app whenever possible, to insure authenticity and increase the chances of them being purchased by buyers in the Scoopshot Store.

Can I submit modified photos or videos with effects?

Yes, but this should be avoided. Enhancing your photos using traditional photo editing controls — such as contrast, saturation, etc., — is encouraged. Whereas, manipulating your photos is not. Remember, Scoopshot provides authentic images to photo buyers. Keep it real, focus on the content and composition of the image.

Can I submit photos taken by others?

No. You must own all rights to content you submit to Scoopshot. We are very strict about copyright issues and we enforce photographers’ rights to their images. Sending stolen content (images captured by others, images taken from the web etc.) may result in users being banned.

When can I submit videos?

Whenever you want. Videos are just like photos: if you see something interesting happening, shoot a clip and submit it as a general submission. You can also send videos to some tasks and contests. Please read task/contest descriptions carefully to ensure your video meets the task criteria.

Where is the photo or video stored after I send it to Scoopshot? Will it remain on my phone?

Images submitted to Scoopshot are stored on Scoopshot’s servers. Images also remain available on your mobile phone after the 48h exclusivity period, unless sold exclusively. Videos captured with Scoopshot, however, may be deleted from your phone after logging out in order to save space.

What are Scoopshot’s community standards?

Scoopshot gives everyone the opportunity to discover the world through other people’s eyes, but to balance the needs of the global audience we have some standards to help let our users understand what types of content are acceptable. Violence is a no no, as is content of self-harm or harming others, including hate speech. We understand photos and videos can be used to raise the awareness of important issues, but graphic content published for sadistic effect or the glorification of violence isn’t in the best interest of our community. We’re not prudish, but this is no place for pornography. We also impose restrictions on nudity, so no naughty  photos please.

Intellectual property matters, only share photos and videos that you have taken. Please respect copyrights and other legal rights, after all, we’re working every day to protect your photo and video image rights! Images found to be in breach of our standards will be removed to protect the interests of the community.