What are daily contests?

The daily contests are a set of photo and video challenges offered by Scoopshot, in addition to the tasks run by brands and publishers. Fun contests like #selfiesundays, #streetart and #reflective give users a chance to be creative and push the boundaries of their photography. Nine daily contests will run every day for 24 hours, and every Scoopshot user is welcome to submit one image and cast votes in each contest. We send you new contests everyday, so make sure to check today’s contests.

Where can I find Scoopshot’s daily contests?

You will find the daily contests on the home screen and in the navigation menu. You can access the daily contests using version 5.0 of our mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android. If you can’t find the contests, make sure you have the latest version of the app downloaded.

How do I submit to a daily contest?

To submit to a contest, tap the right side of the contest tile from the list of daily contests. This will open the camera where you have the option to capture or upload from your device, follow the steps on the screen to submit to the selected contest.

Does it cost me anything to submit an entry to a contest?

No, submitting to a contest is free. It won’t cost you a penny or a dime.

Can I set the for sale price of my submissions to contests?

No, like task submissions, the for sale price is pre-set. Any photo or video that you submit to a contest will be advertised for sale in the Scoopshot store and, if sold, you will receive $5 USD, paid in your local currency, per photo/video sold.

What is the difference between a contest and a task?

Contests run for one day only and winners are determined by votes from the Scoopshot community. Tasks from brands and media companies may run for many days or weeks and each has a pre-determined monetary reward, selected at the organizer’s discretion. Submissions to contests and tasks are available for sale in the Scoopshot Store.

Can I earn money from contests?

All photos and videos submitted to contests are for sale in the Scoopshot store, priced at $5 USD. If your contest submissions get sold you will be in the money!

How do I know if one of my photos/videos was purchased?

You will be notified in your Activity Feed and see will also be able to see your sold photos and videos in Your Profile. You can see who has bought your photos/videos, when and for how much.

How can I vote on daily contests?

To vote, tap the left side of the contest from the list of daily contests. This will open the vote view where you see all of the contest’s submissions, tap on the up-vote button to cast your vote for a photo/video and tap on the pass button to pass on an image. Some devices may also support swiping to vote (swipe left to pass, swipe right to up-vote). You can vote on submission from all of today’s contests. The photo or video with the most votes wins.

How do I know if I’ve won a contest?

You can see your total number of votes for each submission on My Profile.
If you win a contest you will be notified and can view this achievement on Your Profile.

What do I get for winning a contest?

Bragging rights! You’ll receive votes and an achievement for being a finalist or winner in a contest. Nicely done.

How can I see winners from past contests?

At the bottom of the Daily Contests homepage you are able to view winners from past contests. Select the day you would like to view and browse winning submissions to past contests.

Who creates the daily contests?

The Scoopshot team creates contests, but they are always open to suggestions. Do you have a great idea? Get in touch with us on social media, we’d be happy to hear your ideas.