What are Tasks?

Scoopshot, various media companies, brands and other Scoopshot users, can send tasks requesting specific photos and videos. You can submit photos and videos to these tasks and earn rewards for each photo/video that you sell. You can send several images to the same task. Tasks are sent directly to your smartphone based on your location. You will see all available tasks in the app under My Tasks, which can be accessed from the menu.

How do I submit task images?

You can submit task photos or videos, by selecting the task and tapping the camera button. Note that it is important to enter appropriate details for images so that task creators receive required information, including hashtags.

What makes a great task image?

It is important to focus on quality. A great task image meets the assignment criteria and is of high technical quality. It is also important to provide all requested task details. For example, the task creator may require a description of the subject or the name of the event where the image was taken and hashtags.

Can task photos or videos feature persons that can be identified?

You must have the permission of people in images if the task description mandates it. By accepting the Scoopshot Terms of Service, you agree to comply with these rules regarding model release.

Why can’t I see any tasks on my phone?

If you do not see any tasks on your mobile device, verify that you have enabled Scoopshot to use your location by checking your phone settings. This ensures you will receive new tasks immediately as they are available in your area.