Who owns the rights to the photos and videos I send to Scoopshot?

When you send images to Scoopshot, you provide Scoopshot with the rights of use in the Scoopshot service. All images are for sale and must not be published without appropriate rights and permissions. Scoopshot retains a permanent right to transfer image copyrights and also ensures you receive the agreed-upon compensation for transferred rights.

If my photo or video is sold who owns the rights to it?

Buyers can buy licenses to publish submitted images and they can be published online or in newspapers, for example.

Can my name be published with images?

If your images are purchased by media companies and published, the publication can publish your name (byline) with the published image. Scoopshot may also display your name with images you have submitted. If you elect to forgo a published byline you will remain anonymous. This privacy configuration is in the Scoopshot app settings.