Photographer earns $20,000 with Scoopshot photos!

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How about earning a trip to the Caribbean and buying professional camera gear by selling your smartphone photos? That’s exactly what happened to Arto Mäkelä, one of the most successful Scoopshooters to date.

How to earn a fortune with $2 photos

Some photos can earn you fame and fortune with a single lucky shot, others require a bit of determination and hard work. Arto Mäkelä, a Scoopshot photographer from Finland, decided to put some effort into mobile photography, eventually earning him a grand total of over $20,000 by selling mostly $2 photos.

Arto made most of his earnings by selling photos to a Scoopshot Task by Fonecta, a Finnish directory service. Fonecta had an ambitious goal: they wanted photos of every company in Finland for their business directory database.

With each sold photo earning Arto $2, the hard-working photographer made as much as $300-500 per day by bicycling around his home town, visiting shopping malls and business districts. He also made photo trips to neighboring towns as well, combining the pleasure of keeping fit and seeing new places while shooting lots of photos.

Getting famous with Scoopshot

So, what did Arto’s hard work earn him? After all that work, Arto decided to take it easy and booked a three-week vacation in Miami and the Caribbean. Other things he spent his earnings on included a new TV, a professional DSLR camera and a video recorder – very fitting for a photography enthusiast!

In addition to fortune, Scoopshot earned Arto a fair share of fame as well:

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