Scoopshot App Version 5.0 Has Arrived

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That’s right, the Scoopshot app has received a makeover. While busy moonlighting for Santa over the Christmas period our Finnish development team has busted out a new app, version 5.0. The latest version is available to download now, here’s what’s new:

1. Daily contests

Participate in Scoopshot’s 24-hour photo and video contests, with winners voted for by the community everyday. Although there are no cash prizes, winners’ photos/videos are showcased to photo buyers and the Scoopshot community. Plus, if your photo is purchased you will receive $5 USD!

Brand and publisher tasks remain the same, the best task photos/videos are purchased for the price advertised.

2. Find out who’s bought your work

See what photos and videos you’ve sold and who’s purchased them. Share your moment of fame with your friends on your social networks!

3. Follow your favorite brands and media publications

Find and follow brands and publications to make sure you never miss out on tasks. Participate in tasks for the opportunity to make money from your photos and get them published in newspapers and magazines around the world, or used in your favorite brands’ marketing campaigns.

What are you waiting for? Download the new version to discover and be discovered.

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