Scoopshot becomes Uber for photographers

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We already have 1,800 accredited professional photographers in 55 countries and you can become one of them. Image buyers from around the world tap into this community on demand. Much like Uber, Scoopshot is looking to revolutionize the world of stock photography and become everyone’s private photographer.

We are now focused on connecting professional photographers with brands and media companies looking for bespoke images on demand. This new offering connects photo buyers with photographers – just like you – that can fulfill their needs, rather than a stock library of assets. The assignment style set up ensures that if you participate in assignments you will earn money for your work.

OmarJQasrawi - selfie - camera -8375-2321

Photo: OmarJQasrawi 

Upon signing up, you will generate a portfolio (up to nine photos). Scoopshot provides you with a platform whereby you can bid for assignments sent by photo buyers, namely brands and media companies. Scoopshot takes a 25% fee for its services when photo buyers submit assignments, but for you the photographer, the service is completely free.

Our Scoopshot PRO service is an evolution of the traditional method of sourcing content from professional photographers. This disruptive technology streamlines commercial photography and benefits both parties; much like what Uber has done for the taxi sector. For photographers, one of the key benefits is the security our service provides; Scoopshot safeguards by ensuring clients repay for assignments and also handles monetary transactions between client and photographer, removing a time intensive administration process for both parties.
Scoopshot PRO complements Scoopshot Film, a video assignment platform that connects filmmakers and brands looking for branded content on demand, which was launched earlier this year. If you’re a filmmaker sign up here or if you’re a professional photographer sign up here.

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