The best of: cats and dogs

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Even if you’re not into selfies, everyone loves taking photos of their cats and dogs (cat / dog selfies!). However, they can be tricky subjects, they often don’t like to stay still or move the moment you reach for the camera.

Using the burst shoot mode on your camera is a must for difficult subjects – you’re bound to find one good photo among 100 you’ve captured with burst mode.

Another tip is to get down low to your pet’s level and experiment with angles. Bear in mind lighting, especially if you’re pet is dark coloured, such as a black dog, as their features can be lost.

Here is a selection of the best cat and dog photos submitted to our cat and dog task, all of which were purchased and earned the photographers $10 USD per photo.

Daira Yepez-9239-2681

Photo: Daira Yepez


Photo: Christine

Carole Marlin-6781-1818

Photo: Carole Marlin

Sergio-1635-3741  Sergio-2144-6557


Cat series of three: Sergio


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