An Olympic challenge

An Olympic challenge

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For many of us, the handy camera phone is our photographic weapon of choice. Not only is it the fastest way to share what we see with our own eyes, it also offers a first-person perspective free from manipulation, or extreme editing. It’s no surprise to see that the first images coming from the Winter […]

Content marketing – with or without a rocket scientist

Content marketing – with or without a rocket scientist

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These days everybody is talking about content marketing. According to Google Trends, web searches based on the term “Content Marketing” are up 400% since January 2011. While trends may come and go, there are some very real and some very good reasons why every sales-oriented person should be looking into content marketing right now, and […]

Photographer earns $20,000 with Scoopshot photos!

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How about earning a trip to the Caribbean and buying professional camera gear by selling your smartphone photos? That’s exactly what happened to Arto Mäkelä, one of the most successful Scoopshooters to date. How to earn a fortune with $2 photos Some photos can earn you fame and fortune with a single lucky shot, others […]

Scoopshot raises $3.9 million Series A funding to take on-demand mobile photography global

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On-demand photo service secures investment from Conor Venture Partners and Finnish Industry Investment to capitalize on growing demand for unique and relevant photography by targeting brands and publishers in US, UK and worldwide Helsinki, Finland, 13th November 2013 – Continuing its bid to take on the global photography industry, Scoopshot has secured $3.9 million in […]